Forum OpenACS Development: Re: CRM-like package and project-manager

Posted by Jeroen van Dongen on
<blockquote>> Just to clarify: project-manager does link in customers to >> projects.

Ah - now I see. Sorry, it was some err on my side that it did not work as expected. Perhaps I shouldn't try things out at 3 in the morning (either that, or restart my caffeine habbit again :)

Anyway - sounds ok. WRT to the organisations package I've one 'problem' with it - and that is the organisation type stuff.

I don't see this as a feature of the organisations package - imo an organisation-object should just represent the basic demographics about that organisation and nothing else.

All that context-related stuff like in what category an organisation falls should be dealt with outside the org package. The type stuff for instance could also (and perhaps better) be implemented by integrating with 'categories'. May be it can be arranged that on package install time a special categorie tree gets created, pre-populated and mapped?

BTW - how much fait should I have in acs-persons? Looks like a usefull package as well in this regard, but the current version does seem to have some issues?

However, I'll work on a decent design proposal and post it here for comments.

Posted by Jade Rubick on
As long as there is an upgrade script, I think the idea of changing organizations to use categories is a good one.

Good idea to pre-populate the package.

I don't know anything about acs-persons.

I'm looking forward to the design proposal!