Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to openacs-apache-rpms

Posted by Brian Dowling on

yes I did, sorta...

couldn't find (I'll try again this weekend) ncurses-4_2-8_i386 and
readline2_2_1-2_2_1-2_i386.rpm says it didn't look like a valid rpm.

I'll take another stab with the --force (if I have to) when I find what was suggested. Thought there might be an explaination of why there is a problem though, get to the root of the issue.

In addition I will be installing RH7.1 in hte near future. My current RH7.0 w/2.4 kernel running iptables is a bit buggie, so I'm hoping to kill a few bugs at the same time when/if i get to the bottom of this one.

Always trying to get too much going at the same time...

J2SE, J2EE or tomcat/jserve for servlets and jsp, php, pgsql, mysql, openacs/(java?) on the firewall box (the list could go on if I think too much). Just gotta hold my mouth right once I figure out the combo. It could be worse, thanks all for open source and the help!

I'll keep you up with the progress.