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Posted by Brian Dowling on
Installation of RPM begins on RH7.0 with

error: failed dependencies: is needed by postgresql-7.0.3-1 is needed by postgresql-7.0.3-1

I have these rpms installed...


Did a search here and found suggestions, to no avail.

Tried --nodeps option, /etc/init.d/postgresql start and ended up

Checking postgresql installation: no database files found.
/usr/bin/pg_id: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
Could not determine current user name. You are really hosed.

Like, I really know that.

Any further ideas would be most helpful.


Posted by finn knudsen on
Hi Brian

Have you checked out this thread

I have done exactly the same installation as have michael. You need to get some old libraries installed.

Hope this helps

Posted by Brian Dowling on

yes I did, sorta...

couldn't find (I'll try again this weekend) ncurses-4_2-8_i386 and
readline2_2_1-2_2_1-2_i386.rpm says it didn't look like a valid rpm.

I'll take another stab with the --force (if I have to) when I find what was suggested. Thought there might be an explaination of why there is a problem though, get to the root of the issue.

In addition I will be installing RH7.1 in hte near future. My current RH7.0 w/2.4 kernel running iptables is a bit buggie, so I'm hoping to kill a few bugs at the same time when/if i get to the bottom of this one.

Always trying to get too much going at the same time...

J2SE, J2EE or tomcat/jserve for servlets and jsp, php, pgsql, mysql, openacs/(java?) on the firewall box (the list could go on if I think too much). Just gotta hold my mouth right once I figure out the combo. It could be worse, thanks all for open source and the help!

I'll keep you up with the progress.



Posted by finn knudsen on
Hi Brian

You can go to altavista and just copy the name of the package into the search frase. It gave me this link where there is a hole bunch of old libncurses libraries.

I would recomend doing a very basic install in the begining to get things working. I couldn't get mod_perl to work alongside mod_aolserver for example, but I'm not that experinced either.

If you wan't to get serious about mod_aolserver you should also check out the work Petru Paler might be doing :

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
The binary RPMs you are trying to install on RH 7.0 were almost
certainly created under (and intended for) Red Hat 6.2.

Some libraries were changed or updated between RH 6.x and 7.x, hence
the issues you are encountering.

I suggest the simplest way to solve this could be to just download the
*source* RPMs for the packages and rebuild them on your own machine,

    rpm --rebuild somepackagename-x.y.src.rpm

The packages should then link against readline 4, for example, since
that is what you (probably) have on your machine.

Another approach is to consider ditching Apache+mod_aolserver in
favour of running aolserver... see my recent new post on this bboard
about some RPMs
for this kind of setup I am developing and need testers for 😊

Chasing down older library RPMs so you can run binary RPMs build for
RH 6.2 under RH 7.x may not be the most productive way to spend your
time, IMO.

Posted by Brian Dowling on
Hi all!

Well, this weekend I setup a RH7.1 box. I did have to install a couple old RPMs with --force, including tcl8.0 and ran the included script 2X (fisrt time I had no www directory). I like the sound of Jonathan Marsden's method, I will try it if the need comes up (I bet it will). Now the real fun starts.

Thanks Again,

Posted by Brian Dowling on

I did add to /etc/opt/apache/nsd.ini [ns/parameters] section...

MailHost =

(my isp smtp ip, no sendmail here)