Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Need to automatically confer package write permission on subsite members


You don't say so, but I assume you have the package mounted under the subsite? If so, I believe your procedure above should grant direct write permission to the package and not the subsite. That is, step 2 should be: click permissions at the mounted package level.


I don't follow you.

If I go to then I see something like this:-

Main Site:/my_subsite/
URL              Instance Name  Package Type
(-) my_subsite/  My Subsite     ACS Subsite   [ links 1 ]
  blah_1         Blah 1         Package A     [ links 2 ]
  blah_2         Blah 2         Package B     [ links 2 ]
  blah_3         Blah 3         Package C     [ links 2 ]

Where [ links 1 ] is [ add folder | parameters | permissions | rename | delete ] and [ links 2 ] is [ add folder | unmount | parameters | permissions | rename | delete ]

What I did was to choose permissions in [ links 1 ], i.e. at the ACS Subsite level. To my mind this will control permissions at the subsite level and not at the level of a package mounted under the subsite, such as blah x.

The packages mounted beneath the subsite node, be default, inherit perms from their parent: the subsite node. If you apply the direct "write" permission to the subsite for the subsite Members group then the Members group will have "write" on the mounted packages also (in your example, blah_1, blah_2, and blah_3).


Which is exactly what I wanted, I obviously wasn't clear enough in that regard, sorry!