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Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
I'm just finishing up work on moving a site from AOLserver 2.3 & Solid to AOLserver 3, ACS 4 (Tcl), and Oracle. Rather than mess with Intermedia we've decided to use Swish++. (Once our two year Oracle licenses expires we hope to have moved to Postgres and didn't want to get locked into too many Oraclisms. Also, it looks like people have to fight lots of battles with Intermedia to get it working, and I've never been particularly impressed with the search results it returns on ArsDigita's site--and I assume they know how to configure Intermedia better than I would...)

Now that it (Swish++) can support tcp/ip there's no need to patch AOLserver to use Unix domain sockets. Both indexing and searching are extremely fast. We have written a cron job to periodically dump stuff out of Oracle and into the file system were we feed it to Swish++.

If you wanted, you could use wget & the Swish++ indexer to spider your site, indexing dynamic and static content at the same time.