Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS nostalgia - possibly the first mention of the idea of OpenACS

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Was reading through the Greenspun litigation story and followed a link from Roberto's comment which appears to be the first musings about developing OpenACS. Thought others not following the aD court case might find it interesting - sort of like the Linus Torvalds posting you find in every Linux manual...
Yeah, I remember that thread!  I'd actually ported over the bboard module some weeks before and was using it on my own site but hadn't told anyone about it.

I was afraid I might get stuck helping run a project if I let the cat out of the bag.

I was right...

I remember pestering Don about his work with PostgreSQL and I think eventually we hit a critical mass.. I can't claim to have done any more than instigate and some early porting work.. the core team has done a great job!!
I found it exceedingly strange that an old classmate, Rusty Brooks, came up with the db_sysdate approach, and by the time I got into this mess, he has already vanished off the face of the web.
As it happens I've been carrying around the data for that original forum that I opened up for folks to play with.  It's still at  It's normally turned off but I resurrected it, what the heck.
Rusty Brooks was the first respondent, answering my November 8th 1999 question on the same day.  In fact, he and I bullshit in two or three short threads that day.
Roberto didn't show up until Jnauary 24th, 2000.  Guess he wanted to wait and see if my machine would survive the Great Y2K Panic before investing any energy into this.

<a href="">Here's the URL</a>, for those with too much time on their hands;

My january 24th post was on your site. We had an
ACS/PG site running on port 8000 on where we discussed
initial porting. I think my first post on that one was somewhere in
november 1999 (since by January 2000 I was already running 2 ACS/pg

At that time I was fairly new to all this. It has been a great
experience and fun. It has also been a great way to be late on my
studies :)

Don, re: cat out of the bag, you were absolutely right. I remember
postering you about the bboard posts too. You even sent me a couple
tarballs of the bboard module you had ported :)

Hmmm...maybe I should take a look at some of the other forums on my site, then, the ones with names like "test"...

It's only been 18 months.  That sounds long until you realize that my very first porting efforts were with ACS 1.x, then 2.x, then we decided to base the "real" port on 3.x ...

this was an early thread about the port.. mot likely referencing the November conversations