Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Any contributions to a RH HowTo?

Posted by David Kuczek on
Hello Jonathan,

I don't like the expression for Dummies and I don't know why I used it either. Well, what I wanted to do, is to write a documentation that is very easy to understand and covers every aspect that you need to look at in order to run a "professional" web site. I heard Don saying:

"Depends on the subject matter, but a lot of installation stuff is just a matter of learning a bunch of magic incantations and once learnt, anyone can do them." This was said in a kernel recompile context for raising shared memory!!!

You are right that this is awkward, but I believe that it is a good way for somebody "quite" new to the material, to realize what it needs to build a site that scales with some perspective. On the other hand I want to show exactly which steps to follow, because it is always more relaxing to know what you typed in than to know that you installed an rpm - on my side at least.

If you want to contribute somehow let me know :-)

But I think that your rpms are a great idea too. Especially for people that want to get going very quickly...