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I feel that a community toolkit could have some interactivity tool included.

Right now; using openacs; we don't know who is on the site and we have no way to interact with guests and members.

So here some ideas (I really would love to be able to code this myself):

a) A chunk to include on a page showing members and guest online:
Something like this:

b) A chat box or some other way to interact with guest and/or members without having to log through IRC or jabber.

Is there some plan to bring the chat module compatible with 5.1.1 or 5.2?

Anyone thinks something about this?


PS: How do I show an image in a forum post?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hi Yve, I cannot access the bmp, but on 5.1 there is a "Users Online" in the status bar at the top of the page, so no big deal.

As for the communication without IRC or Jabber, how do you expect this to work? How would you let someone else know that you want to chat with this person. There is the possibility which has been discussed before to use the green report bar for notifications in general which would allow you to communicate with a sepecific user through the user session. But this still has to be developed and I'm not even sure it suits the UI well.

As for HTML/Javascript based chat systems, they suck (personal opinion). But this might be a reason why noone has stood up to the challange and port the chat module to 5.1 or 5.2.

Posted by xx xx on
Nima is working on an extended chat module as far as I know. Can anybody give an update on that project. Is it available?
Posted by Yves Goldberg on
Hi Marc,

I've corrected the permission on the image :)

yes we can see who's online but only the members; not the guest (I guess most members started as guest first). There's some thread in the forum discussing this. but without a solution.

I wasn't thinking about a one-on-one chat but more a kind of simple public chat box. Here's an example:

or we could call it a guestbook. Maybe simply adding a form to post directly in one forum and displaying the few last posts (like on oacs main page) will do it.

what do you think?


5: Chat and IM with OpenACS (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Various people have integrated various different chat or instant messaging tools into their OpenACS sites, including Jabber, IRC, and NFC Chat. But AFAIK none of those have been rolled back into the standard OpenACS distribution.

It's been discussed here in the past, here are 3 threads from Feb. 2004, June 2003, and March 2003. Searching the forums will definitely find more.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
The jabber package is rolled back in /contrib. Additionally it is currently under test in another site, once the test has proven successful the postgres version will be updated as well and the whole package will make it into the main distribution tree.

Nevertheless, the installation requirements are still not "automatic" as with other packages ...

Posted by Yves Goldberg on
Thank you Malte, Nima and Andrew for your comments.

so is it possible - using NFC or Jabber - to have a "client" window embeded on the home page of a website where every visitors would be automagically logged in this (chat) client with the added option of showing registered (community) members with their name in place of "guest" or "anonymous"?


Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
Yves: I do just about exactly this on my site, Carnage Blender, except I only log in registered users. CB is running NFC and openacs 3.