Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: AOLserver 4 not yet ready for prime time if you need SSL


Thats spooky - I brought up a staging server for the customer to evaluate on linux with aols4 + nsopenssl beta21 and I'm getting sort of wedged myself. The development server running  aols4 + beta17 is fine but with this one I'm seeing nsd threads (processes in top) gobbling up resource but not actually doing anything. The server seems to be running underneath with scheduled procs firing ok and new nsd threads being created and destroyed. Eventually the runaways overload the system and I have to kill it and restart. So far I've done that 3 times today and theres only a handful of users.

Looking at your irc thread it appears to be very similar. I was hoping to be able to deploy on aols4 but with the live date approaching I may have to revert to aols3 :o(

  - Steve