Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS 3.2.5 RPM for Red Hat 6.2 available

An RPM version of OpenACS 3.2.5 now exists. Currently it has only been built under Red Hat 6.2. A build under Red Hat 7.1 is the next challenge 😊

Because of some limits to new-file-storage, for now the RPM is at

Again 'for now', a short document describing which files you need to do a rapid OpenACS installation using PG 7.1 and AOLserver 3.2+ad12 and OpenACS 3.2.5, all from RPMs, is now at

Once we work things out (probably once Roberto's exams are all completed!) the RPMs should become available here on OpenACS.Org, and be pointed to from per the OpenACS Installation Guide.

Anyone willing to try out these RPMs is most welcome, as is feedback on how well they work for you. Feedback from the brave souls who tried out my earlier 3.2.4 OpenACS RPMs ( Thankyou! ) led to a couple of improvements -- the README-rpm.txt file describes where the files go and what usernames etc are involved, and the RPM was built on a truly stock Red Hat 6.2 machine, so it can be installed without first upgrading your version of RPM itself.

Thanks to Roberto for letting me add information about the RPMs to his OpenACS Installation Guide, and to the whole OpenACS crew for tolerating all my questions!

Thanks for the RPM's Johnathan.
I am new to OpenACS. I installed the RPM's but have some questions.

How do I tell what acs and aolserver version I have?

The nsd.tcl and defaultacs.tcl docs are confusin. which file is required and in what location should it/they be?

How do I make myself site admin?


How do I tell what acs and aolserver version I have?

How do you tell what version of any RPM package you have? Mine are no different in that regard. So (once they are installed), the commands

rpm -q openacs
rpm -q aolserver

will answer your question. But if you just installed them, you already know what version they are -- they are the version that you downloaded and installed... so am I misunderstanding the question here?

The nsd.tcl and defaultacs.tcl docs are confusin. which file is required and in what location should it/they be?

Both are needed, one controls aolserver and the other controls OpenACS. Both should be in the locations where the RPMs put them. The README-rpm.txt file with each RPM (installed under /usr/doc/aolserver-* and /usr/doc/openacs-* as you would expect) mention the exact locations, I think.

How do I make myself site admin?

My RPMs make no difference to this at all. Just follow the instructions in the OpenACS Installation Guide and all should be well. Section 6.4 is where you will find the answer.

It sounds as though you either have a rather early copy of my RPMs, or else you didn't look at the README-rpm.txt file that they install?

Once you have read the OpenACS Installation Guide, if you have further questions, post them here at OpenACS.Org and someone will help. I may have created the RPMs, but that doesn't mean I am any kind of OpenACS expert 😊

If you did read a somewhat recent README-rpm.txt of mine and still found things confusing, let me know what other information I need to put in there, or how to say it more clearly, so that others do not have to be confused in future!


Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi Folks, In an attempt to create an OpenACS installation guide for dummies, I would like to have access to this page currently unavailable or is there an updated overview of what used to be posted on this page? Thanks for your help
Dear Informatics... please use your personal name if at all possible? Is there a real need to hide your identity?

Please read my page at:

which links to the currently recommended set of RPMs. The particular one you referred to was fixed some time ago, I believe, which changed its release number from -1 to -2.

That page really should be online... I can access it from here in the UK, and it is hosted in the USA.