Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to install problems on RH7.0

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Yes, possibly RH 7.0 might be related to the current problem you are
seeing.  Using RH 6.2 (which is what most Red Hat based OpenACSers
currently use) or RH 7.1 (which I am testing my OpenACS RPMs with at
the moment) might make more sense if you have the option.

Right now RH 7.1 is probably not the right choice for a big production
OpenACS installation, just because there's so little experience with
it in the OpenACS community... but that will change, and so if you
are just getting started with OpenACS on Red Hat, doing small scale
internal things, RH 7.1 might make good sense.  So might using
my RPMs, once the minor issues with them under RH 7.1 are removed 😊