Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Gush: vservers as development/production environment

What a coincidence ?

A friend of mine is subscibed to VPS hosting at
He wants to convert his Apache/PHP site to AOLserver/OpenACS after seeing all the neat stuff he can do with it. :)

The problem is that after setting up everything, AOLServer and Postgresql, he wasn't able to install OpenACS because db_source_sql_file won't run.

I helped him debug and I found that an error "child killed : segmentation violation" occurs when the install gets to the point of installing the acs kernel sql file.

We tried changing AOLServer from 4.0.7 to ad3.3+13 and tcl from 8.4.5 to 8.4.7 but it's always the same problem.

He would've gladly subscribed to the openacs hosting companies I recommended to him but he's stuck with his hosting firm for about another year. Bummer.

sounds like they are running either openwall or grsecurity patches and they have disabled trampolines or some other tricky optimization.

Might have him try to recompile with more sedate options, or, have the admins chpax it to allow it to bypass the particular check that is causing the segfault.