Forum OpenACS Q&A: No reply from the server

Posted by Andrei Popov on
Something strange is going on with my setup, maybe someone can shed at least some light where I may be going wrong...
  • FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE
  • AOLServer 3.1
  • PostgreSQL 7.0.3
  • OpenACS 3.2.5
    1. Before OpenACS

      Apache is running and happily accepts connections from all machines on the newtork.

    2. Install AOLServer.

      No problems there, with default setup welcome page comes up on port 8000, from both localhost and from another machine.

    3. Install PostgreSQL

      No problems again: can access it create db's and drop 'em

    4. Install OpenACS

      Installation run largely without issues. Had to tweak config file a little to match directory structure: ACS was not at first properly initializing as it could not preoperly resolve ns_info tcllib (Server was, however, responding then: internal server error (500) was appearing). After a few restarts server seems to be up and running: log shows startup and successful (or notice) completion of a bunch of scheduled procedures.

      ...But to my great disappointment I cannot connect to the system from any machine on the network: NS/MSIE complain about not being able to find the machine! I can connect from localhost, but this is not the intention, right?

      Checking ${homedir}/servers/${server}/modules/nslog/ ${server}.log... All client requests appear there, yet none of them was processed! Connecting to port 80 works fine: Apache servs up default page.

    Posted by Henry Minsky on
    post your config file here...