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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I'm working on a potentially large bid that includes a complex ecommerce solution for selling dotlrn classes.

Is any one currently working on the ecommerce package either with dotLRN or other upgrades or improvements?


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Posted by Steve Manning on
Hi Caroline

I've been working on a site using the ecommerce package with a few tweaks and a lot of customisation for the client. It goes live on Monday morning at least thats when the DNS gets pointed to the new server.

As you may be aware the ecommerce package is a little behind in its use of templating, CR etc. There was some talk recently of a rewrite of ecommerce and I beleive that James Thornton is working on storing products in the CR which is a first step - see

Please get back to me if you have any more specific questions. If you want to take a look I'll post the url of the live site once its up on Monday.

    - Steve