Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Announcing the release assessment-20040924 of the assessment package for OACS.

I've tried several times and the login seems to work. Could you tell me what's the error message you get?
HI!  Thanks for the encouragement, maybe the wind shifted as I was able to log on.  After filling out the form and submitting  I did get an error message:

MESSAGE KEY MISSING: 'assessment.Response_Submitted'

    Response submitted Correctly!

    MESSAGE KEY MISSING: 'assessment.View_results'

But so far as I can tell (I'm sorry, I don't read Spanish) the survey was completed: I was then able to see the results, and the forms look good!

Now I'm wondering: what are your plans for the style sheet?  I ask as the form could be prettied up a bit, and I'd like to encourage the ever-more beautiful css.

All the best,


I have updated with the latest development version.
There were some minor changes in usability.

Could you comment on what's the usability you fell of assessment?
I don't have plans for the style sheet. Right now our focus is in development rather than visual fixes, but any patches are welcome!