Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Who is doing Calendar Porting (aka. Localization)

Robert, the parts I was speaking about is Europe, most of Afrika, middle east and if I remember correctly south east asia, but I might be mistaken. There the week starts on a monday, which, if you believe in Genesis as laid out in the bible seems to be the more correct starting point, as it is said, on the 7th day god rested (which is sunday, a holiday in most christian "dominated" countries, therefore the first day is a monday ;-)).

Henry's post seems to be a good way to go. But what I found in the original ACS is that e.g. they have been using Oracle Names for date functions (to_string('YYYY-MM-DD', Mon)), which returns the name of the month in the language which is selected as default for the user with which you connect to Oracle (if I can believe what Oracle told me).

In any case, you'll have a crowd of eager students over here to lay their hands on your solution (as they will have to do it with the old ACES calendar package. Gosh it is nice to teach at the university *grin*) starting in June. Furthermore I'm more than willing to discuss further the ideas how to implement localization for the calendar (and in general for other areas). In any case will start to look at Henry's toolbox.