Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: [IMPORTANT] having problems. Refrain from using it for the newt few hours.

I reread the IRC log. Which version of Postgres are we running from, I thought it was 7.3.4 (which we might want to upgrade to 7.4.5). If not, wouldn't it make sense to at least do the postgres upgrade now? I'm willing to work on it today so we could do the rest of the openacs upgrade at a later stage.
Posted by Nis Jørgensen on
The left menu on currently asks people to refrain from using the site "for the next couple of hours" - a message which was relevant on September 24th. I hope posting in the same thread with a different subject helps. Otherwise, perhaps someone can get it off manually (editing the subject or zapping the thread.

(Yes, I realize that I might be bumping the message to the top by posting this)

Posted by Roberto Mello on
When I posted that I had it set to be archived on the 26th. Since you posted this on the 28th, this had already been archived.

The machine is still heavily overloaded though. I don't know if it's been like this for a while, or if it's a recent phenomenon.

The several postmaster backends are using upwards of 90% of the CPU, the biggest culprit being the same notifications query.

The load average is over 4.5, and quite a chunk of used memory is swapped.

We need to upgrade the site yesterday. I can start working on this upgrade on Thrusday. Anyone else that can help?

-Roberto is still using PG 7.2.4 I believe.

There are other sites that are also using that instance of PG 7.2 on that machine, IIRC. We'd definitely want to upgrade to a newer version of PG when we upgrade the site.

It'd be really nice if we could have different machines answering for I don't have experience with this, and it would be really nice if those who do (sloan, greenpeace, etc.) could post what they have in their setups so we could learn and apply.

I read an interesting report about and the memcached distributed memory caching daemon they came up with. It'd be applicable for if we had more thatn one machine answering for on the same network.


7: upgrade status (response to 2)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I succeded in executing the first two steps of the script written by Joel on an dump on my own server. To get all of it to work though, I had to install a couple of things first.
  1. Install PostgreSQL 7.2.5 on my computer (in /usr/local/pg-7.2.4)
  2. Install intarray support for PG 7.2.5
  3. Install PG 7.4.5
  4. Install intarray support for PG 7.4.5
  5. Dump the database (on angora): /usr/local/pgsql-7.2.4/bin/pg_dump -f /web/ -p 5724
  6. Copy the script (/web/upgrade-oo-5/etc/ and the .dmp file to my machine.
  7. Make a fresh checkout of oacs-5-1
  8. Make changes to to reflect my setup of files
  9. Start screen (my internet connection is reset every 24 hours...)
  10. sh 2>&1 >upgrade.log
  11. detach screen
The first two steps roughly took 3 hours to complete, the 3rd step takes ages and is still running, will post once it is finished.
8: OpenACS upgrade plan (response to 2)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I want to lay out the plan for the upgrade that I'm currently doing.
  1. Run the script on my computer with a recent oacs-5-1 checkout.
  2. Once this is successful, make the site available at
  3. Upgrade all other packages and fix / document problems along the way.
  4. Once it is successful, post a date for the actual upgrade on and let people test the upgraded installation.
  5. On the day of the upgrade following things will happen:
    1. Announce on that all postings done from now on will not be available on the new site.
    2. Make a dump and copy it over to my machine.
    3. Run the upgrade
    4. Install PG 7.4.5 on
    5. Copy the dump from the successful upgrade on my machine to and install in PG 7.4.5
    6. Copy sourcecode from successful upgrade to
    7. Move /web/ to /web/
    8. Change runfile to run /web/ on port 8005
    9. Move successful upgrade sourcecode to /web/
    10. Change runfile to run /web/ on
  6. Go on vacation
Comments, annotations, warnings, suggestions ?
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I got further in the upgrade, now I need some help from someone else. The following packages are not available in OpenACS 5.1 anymore:


If someone has the time to at least port irc-logger and viewcvs from the current code of to be suiteable for and useable in OpenACS 5.1, that would be great.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
daveb: sussdorff: you don't need acs-workflow, acs-util or acs-contnet, you can uninstall those.

jcdldn: +viewcvs has no datamodel and irc-logger is in contrib

I guess we are set then :)

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I forgot to add that I had to create the user upgrade-oo-5 in both databases. Furthermore, as I was not running the upgrade as user upgrade-oo-5 I had to create a user for myself as well.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Good news, the upgrade runs through in 45 minutes on my machine. The bad news: There are still some errors and it does not work, so I have to figure out what to do about it. Just wanted to let you know.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Restarted the upgrade process again, let's see how far I get this time. Forgot to change the "fsync" line in my postgres installation which resulted in a considerably longer import...
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
The good news: It works, meaning I got the kernel, content repository file-storage and others to work.

The bad news: Forums takes *AGES* to upgrade. And bug-tracker does not upgrade well due to problems with workflow, but I will dig into this once forums has been finished.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
More things I figured out.

Do not run:




bug-tracker/(all upgrade.sql). Run them manually after the upgrade. Make sure to use the same user that is the owner of the site.


It seems that the site is already running on 4.6.2 though noone told the packages this :).

Furthermore, it is wise to run all SQL scripts for forums starting with the second and doing the first one last. I actually added the other upgrade scripts manually to the first one, so it (hopefully) speeds up a little bit.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Dave actually wrote it all down already :).

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I did the following and succeded in all but bug-tracker (to my knowledge).

Run the

Copy zzz-upgrade.tcl to /tcl

Start the server.

Remove zzz-upgrade.tcl

Restart the server.

got to /acs-admin/apm/packages/install.

Select *all* upgrades and workflow. *SKIP* bug-tracker.

When you come to select the SQL files, skip the following:

notifications 4.6.1-4.6.2
content-repository 4.6.1-4.6.2
subsite 4.5-xxx
etp 1.1d-1.2
fs everything <4.6.2
forums *all*

install (should run smoothly)
restart the server
install the bug-tracker upgrade
unselect all data-model scripts and upgrade.
run bug-tracker.sql (special file)
restart the server
realize bug-tracker does not work 😟.

You can check it out at

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Bugtracker woes solved, now we just have to make the site look like before again. For this we need to make sure the ETP Applications work and that the /www/templates/general-master template works. Suggestion is to ammend /www/default-master to include the looks of /www/templates/general-master.

In a first step I commented out #oacs_set_login_vars in /www/templates/general-master so you can check out the master template as it is supposed to be at samoyed.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Finished :). Well, kindoff, but the site is running happily at and looks just like

A couple of things are still missing:

- Forums pagination
- Full Text Search
- Performance

Especially for performance the developer support is still working, so feel free to make use of it, though don't expect the nice toolbar due to the fact that I did not mix the master templates.

Please take a look at the site and provide feedback, as I'd like to upgrade soon so to avoid Andrew to chase after queries that bring down if we know we will upgrade very soon now (TM).

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
For all who are interested in a great ticket system:

Maybe there are some concepts we can use for bug-tracker.