Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: can .LRN support MYSQL database?

Posted by Nick Carroll on
Hypothetically speaking, if OpenACS was implemented in Java, would Object Relational Mapping (ORM) be advantageous in this situation?  Open source projects like Hibernate ( provides persistence for Java objects, by mapping Java objects to database tables.  They claim you will never have to write a line of SQL again... although if you read the fine print you will have to use HQL (Hibernate Query Language) for complex queries.
12: Object Relational Mapping (response to 9)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Nick, the later Java versions of the ACS did have Object Relational Mapping. Others here we actually used it could comment better, but from what I heard, it sounded like a crock. Look into Red Hat CCM, if you're interested in that.

Personally, I've never yet seen a single convincing example of why so-called "Object Relational Mapping" would ever be of any real use at all.

Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
Just a note to Andrew and others, the ACS Java/Red Hat CCM code is now called "Byline" and is at .