Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: Dev forum 2004-10-08

Posted by Jeroen van Dongen on
OpenACS Dev Forum Summary: 2004-10-01/2004-10-08

(Note: Dev Forum summaries are normally made on Fridays, with incidental in-between-updates if I feel the need for that. Focus will be on issues that potentially have an effect on the toolkit as a whole and things that look like they go the wrong way. Comments on editorial style welcomed.  If you really want everything, read the whole forum yourself.)

Significant issues:

* Khy H is working on oracle support for Project-manager
* Malte posts some guidelines for internationalization:
* The "blocking access on repetitive login" thread ( is host to an interesting discussion, worth a read.

It seems that the desire to embrace some OO features, for example in the form of XOTcl, is still alive and kicking. It is a recurring theme in quite a few posts.

Looking for help (and not getting it)

* Jade asks if there is a reason why there could not be a new release of general comments.