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I've some questions about mailing-list package. I think it's great and with minor tweaks it's working for me. But:

  • Is it deprecated? I'm not seening it in packages
  • Can I know who is subscribed (not how many) to one list? Without touching code :-)
  • How the system differenciate from openacs-user and mail-user (from email confirmation body)? I'm using only openacs users and I'd like to use mail-users (better for the user)
  • How can I unsusbcribe a mail-user?
  • Is it working link-tracking system? I don't think so or I'm doing it wrong.

If somebody is interested in, my tweak are only minor ADP/TCL changes and some spanish conversion of messages.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hey Cesareo,

I wrote it some time back and have no use for it anymore due to the use of intranet-contacts to achieve most of the functionality, so yes, it probably is deprecated from me, but feel free to work on it :-).

If I remember correctly I wrote a code piece which shows the current subscribers. Just make a grep for "subscribers"

Link Tracking works as well as view tracking. But I think you need an additional package installed for that.

Sorry for the not so detailed answers, but it has been a while ago that I worked with this code ....


Posted by Cesareo Garci­a Rodicio on
Hey Malte

I'll take a look. I've seen counting subscribers but not who they are. I'll see also link tracking package

Thanks so much