Forum OpenACS Development: Problems installing packages

I'm trying install other packages than the base system and
I'm getting an error mesage because when installing some of then
(particularly robot-detection) the package-key doewn't get registered
but the system says that the isntalation was succefull.

I'm diving in the code and in the meanwhile if somebody knows
something will be wellcomed.

Posted by Don Baccus on
As a reminder to people, it really helps to state which RDBMS version is causing the problem.  If the Oracle version of robot detection fails then either we (probably me) broke something or 4.2 was delivered by aD in broken form.

If it's the Postgres version, I wouldn't worry about it unless the package is marked as having already been ported.

Posted by David Eison on
Well, I found Don's comment intriguiging, so I gave it a try on some Oracle backed ACSes.  I was unable to find a problem installing packages with ACS classic 4.2, but I had a heap of trouble installing with a checked-out version of ACS somewhere around 4.1.

So I'd begin by checking what ACS version you're on and upgrading if not on 4.2 (upgrading was *surprisingly* painless, by the way - it looks like APM is finally smart enough to handle the upgrade.  I untarred, moved my custom packages over to my new directory, pointed my server's .ini file to the new directory and kicked it, went to /acs-admin/apm/, and clicked on "Install packages", and *poof* it upgraded everything.  Ran into one annoying Oracle "existing state of package has been discarded" message, but I don't think that's the ACS' fault, I think that's Oracle being annoying.  Your mileage may vary, of course; I haven't been able to track down any documentation about whether that is really how you're supposed to upgrade a 4.X server.)

Posted by Don Baccus on
Domingo's running out of our tree.  Our core's based on the released 4.2 core, but the APM's been bashed a bit to deal with multiple datamodels and other implications of multidb support.  The bootstrap and initial installer stuff's been broken out into its own package and  somewhat cleaned up.

I did the work, and also the initial munging of packages to move datamodels from "package_key/sql" to "package_key/sql/oracle", thus the "broken (probably by me)" comment in my first  post.

I may've missed updating the .info file for the package after moving the datamodel, for instance.  I sat down and ran through all of them at once, and the "update all .info files" option in the APM is a bit fragile (it would include CVS directories until I bashed it, for instance) so I updated them one at a time.  Missing one would've been a very easy thing for me to do.

Posted by Domingo Alvarez duarte on
If you look at "apm_packages" table do you have 'robot-detection' key
there ?