Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Who is doing Calendar Porting (aka. Localization)

Robert, the parts I was speaking about is Europe, most of Afrika, middle east and if I remember correctly south east asia, but I might be mistaken. There the week starts on a monday, which, if you believe in Genesis as laid out in the bible seems to be the more correct starting point, as it is said, on the 7th day god rested (which is sunday, a holiday in most christian "dominated" countries, therefore the first day is a monday 😉).

All right, I gotta answer this one. Tried to hold my mouth for a month, but couldn't...

Malte, in Genesis God rests on the 7th day, true, but the first day is Sunday (probably becuase God created Light on that day, hence Sun-day, but that's conjecture.) So Saturday is the day he rested on and why in Judaism Saturday is the Sabbath.

Also, the areas you pointed out are far from being "Christian dominated", although Lord knows the Crusaders and the colonialists tried to change that. Africa and Southeast Asia are mostly, if anything, Islamic, Buddhist and regional, indigenous religions. The Middle East, of course, is nearly exclusively Islamic, except for one pesky little country called Israel which is, of course, Jewish. I don't know what the day of rest, or if there is one, in Buddhism, but for Muslims it is Friday. I must admit I am not familiar enough with Islam to explain why they chose that day.

So, enough about that. How's the calendar module coming? :)