Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Who is doing Calendar Porting (aka. Localization)

"All right, I gotta answer this one. Tried to hold my mouth for a month, but couldn't...

Malte, in Genesis God rests on the 7th day, true, but the first day is Sunday (probably becuase God created Light on that day, hence Sun-day, but that's conjecture.) So Saturday is the day he rested on and why in Judaism Saturday is the Sabbath."

Now I can't resist either.

Actually Christianity started (as a Jewish sect) with the Sabbath on Saturday too. Switched to Sunday about 400 years later in return for the Roman Emperor Constantine converting (and making it the State Religion). Constantine (and the Empire) were sun-worshippers and insisted on the Sun God's day being the sabbath.

Some other english names for days are also derived from various other Gods (Woden, Thor, Saturn?). Don't know about Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Not quite as spectacular as Christianity adapting the sabbath to sun worship but of the same sort, is the recent designation of Hannukah as a Jewish festival accompanied by presents. Previously of no significance, but adopted as a major event because it comes near Christmas so accommodates Christian neighbours celebrating their messiah.

BTW Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) also originated from a pagan festival but the jolly fat guy with red and white costume dates from a Coca Cola advertizing campaign last century.

The only really important day is of course Towel day in recognition of Douglas Adams for his many contributions (including the most powerful atheist polemics ever).

May 25 this year. May be combined with Happy Adams Day Feb 11 (42nd day) next year. Should definately be noted in calendar.