Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is hardware specification for OpenACS?

Posted by Li-fan Chen on

P.S. I am disgusted at Windows 2000. Just pointing out a tiny little section of it would illustrate its overall problems (one of which is.. documented bugs created in 1996 are still here in 2001-and god knows about the undocumented ones).

IIS 3.0's VBScript 5.0 is not easy when you trying to get a Site-wide hash structure up and going takes hours of debugging; half an hour of doc reading; follow by the grim realization that Scripting.Dictionary doesn't work with Application.Contents() so that's why you can't debug the problem out of the system; following by a upgrade download, registering the upgrade download; documenting the mess so the next bloke that waltz into your company doing ASP work don't face the same problem (if she or he reads docs at all), follow by ripping out your hair out knowing that the competition probably did the same exact thing with OpenACS+AOLserver (or even something as gross as ColdFusion 4.5) in less than 3 minutes reading just the basic docs. .Net? Service Pack SP1+SP2? No thanks. Any Canadian OpenACS companies? Hire me!