Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Social, June 1: program issues

The main OpenACS page has a May 21st news item about
OpenACS Social, June 1, Cambridge MA.

Today, when I click on the link, I get this message:

Could not find event in Musea Public Web
We can't build you an order form because
event 1 is not being offered.

I registered last week successfully. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the party. I wanted to "Un-Register" but I misplaced deleted the confirmation email. I'm not familiar with the event module but it appears that unless I have the confirmation email, there is no way to "Un-Register" or change any of my registration info.... So, perhaps it's a design issue and not a "feature" or "bug".


Posted by Bob OConnor on
Ok, I attemted to register again this morning and the Musea event is
now back up so I found the Cancel Registration button.  I tried to play with this and register again and the Cancel button did not reappear.  Now I get 4 emails all with different cancel ID's  68-72 and non of the email cancel links work.... Something is WACKY
with the events module...

The system should not allow multiple event registrations BECAUSE
I'm a logged on user to the Medusa site...

Is it true? are their feeble UI features with the events module
is it just ME!

Oh, by the way, I hope other events will be offered this summer
in the Boston area.  I'd love to meet many of the bright OPENacs
people and learn new jokes!

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Bob O'Connor writes: "The system should not allow multiple event registrations BECAUSE I'm a logged on user to the Medusa site..."

Well, either we are totally inept and *should* change our name to Medusa Technologies, or we are safe in being Musea Technologies because the events module in 3.2.X just plain sucks. ;)

Honestly, we downloaded and installed the events module without doing anything to it. Plugged and played. So unless we plugged it somewhere it shouldn't be playing (always a possibility) I would tend to blame the code. Since there are so many other problems with 3.X, that's an easy out for us.

The first bug or design issue was that it was pretty much impossible to change the registration deadline from the admin UI. People got some kind of error message when they would try. I don't really know about "unregistering" though because we didn't look into it. Because all your registerants are belong to us.

So don't use this module unattended unless you want a quick fix that doesn't need to run smoothly or you're looking to roll up your sleeves and do some fixin'.