Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Single Sign-on with Windows

Posted by Anindya Adhikari on
  Let me clarify the problem once again.

I had installed OACS5.1.1 on a Linux machine for our corporate portal site. I want to log-on to the same Linux machine from my desktop (windows) without using username and password. Our target is, as soon as we logon to our windows desktop (with username and password) we should be able to logon to OACS5.1.1 also after giving only the URL. It will reduce the twice authentication.

Thanks for your help.


Posted by Bruno Mattarollo on

What sort of authentication are you using on your windoze environment? Have a look at external-authentication, it might be the base of the solution you are looking for but AFAIK there isn't a single-signon (ala M$ passport) implemented yet. You could have a look at CAS from Yale?

Good luck and if you implement this solution on OpenACS, keep us updated!