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Posted by Andrei Popov on
Here's a situation:

I want to deploy intranet module.  One of the main purposes is to
allow efficient project/problem management.  There's something I just
can't seem to get working right, however.  Maybe somebody can
enlighten me?

I have created a project.  I've added a ticket tracker for it (side
note: shouldn't 'Create ticket tracker' change to 'Add ticket' once at
least 1 ticket exists for a project?).  I've then added some employees.

Then I go back to a ticket and want to make assignement of a ticket to
an employe, but -- bummer, only me myself listed as a possible assignee.

So, I say: 'Fine, this must be because these employees are not on the
team,'  and I go to /team.  But all of the nice folks are listed as
tema members (and me as a team admin).  I decide to add somebody else
(to make a check, maybe something is not updated correctly when an
employee is added from a project level), but I cannot add *members*,
only admins.

I can still create a separate *team* with all proper team members, add
tickets for those from a ticket tracker.  The problem with this
approach, though, is that this is a generic team, dealing with generic
tickets, not project-specific.  From the project management POV this
does not seem right.

So, any suggestions?

Posted by Andrei Popov on
I have done some digging: I think that the issue is with function ticket_user_can_edit_project_p. This select statement:
     count(*) into count_check 
     user_id= v_user_id
     and (role=''internal'' or role=''administrator'') 
     and group_id in (select team_id 
		      from ticket_project_teams 
		      where parent_project_p(project_id,v_project_id)=''t'');
only picks employees that are labled as 'internal' (which is only an option when one creates teams from /team), while all employees added from project level show up as 'member'. The question is, then, whether employees should be added as 'internal' at the project level or whehther the function in question should include or role=''member'' in its definition. I would opt for the second solution.
Posted by Andrei Popov on
...and with respect to my last comment, adding or role=''member'' fixes the problem completely. See the patch in SDM.
4: Version and SDM tickets (response to 1)
Posted by Adam Kornick on

What version of OpenACS are you running, and what is the number of
your patch under SDM?  I'm running 3.2.5 and have the same problem,
but don't see how to apply your solution.


5: found the answer (response to 1)
Posted by Adam Kornick on
...figured out we were discussing a server side function.  Following
the instructions was then simple.  Thanks for the useful post.