Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Images rendered strangely on AOLServer 4.0 beta 10 on Win2k

Hi Andrew,

thank a lot for the hint with "mv" and "find" in TCL. This probably saves me _a_lot_ of time.

<blockquote> Jamie's old binary distribution

Yes in dead. I don't have all the M$ stuff running on my machine ( and my last M$ programming experiences is >8 years ago (Borland Pascal 7.0...), so it would probably take me _a_lot_ of time getting started again.

What's funny is that Vlassis also used Jamie's binary distribution. It seem that Vlassis with his "graphical installer" hasn't managed to compile all these modules necessary neither, because he's also using Jamie's stuff...

So you've got everything running at home? Would it be possible to post a ZIP of your binaries somewhere?

Bests, and thanks a lot for your replies,