Forum OpenACS Q&A: Reverting back to AOLServer 4.0.beta10

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Jamie,

thanks for sending me the threaded tdom-0.8.0. I've installed it and AOLServer 4.1.0a loads correctly. Also, the load time for OpenACS has gone down remarkebly. Is there some whichcraft going on???

However, I'm now getting problems with some Project/Open transactions. For example I'm getting a timeout when I try to create a new company. The log file doesn't say anything in this case, it's as if I would never have selected the page. It does work fine with AOLServer 4.0.beta10, I've renamed the directory and it works fine now again.

So I think I'll have to do the same as Vlassis and revert to 4.0.beta10 again because I'm running out of time. However, I can provide you with my test setu-up here if you want. It consists of Vlassis' install results, replacing his C:\OpenACS\nsd4 by your 4.1.0a distro and by adding some P/O packages. I can send you the P/O packages as a ZIP if you want.


Posted by Henry Ma on
Hi Frank,

Do you still have the threaded tDOM-0.8.0 dlls? I was trying to install openacs into my aolserver on Windows XP yesterday. When I checked the server log, I got the same error you had - "tDOM wasn't compiled for multithreading." If you still have the files, can you email it to me at Also, did you just put all the dlls into lib directory under aolserver root directory?