Forum OpenACS Q&A: am I the only one who missed the prototype builder?

The prototype builder is my new favorite toy. I hate writing html so the (perfectly usable) rough drafts turned out by the prototype builder are really handy to me. How about adding a note to the getting started guide, Roberto? It's not really publicized anywhere that I could see and I think it's a real timesaver.
"missed" as in didn't notice, or "missed" as in nostalgic longing?

I've added some mods to the prototype builder, mostly ways to input queries to build components rather than straight values in the form widgets. That's been a big time save for me. It would be trivial for a more senior person to duplicate, but if no one else has, I'll post it once I get back from Austin next week.

If this packaged gets revived and ported to 4.x, it would be nice if
it integrated with the portals package so you could quickly build a
form into a new portlet.
I ported it to 4.x for the project I'm working on, but it still has some
bugs I haven't had time to fix.  I'll release it as soon as I can, but
can't promise when that will be.  It's not perfect as far as 4.x
conventions go, and in fact since it was the first 4.x work I did I
probably need to go over it again and make sure there isn't
anything glaringly wrong with it.  It does work, though, and it's
very helpful.  Especially for admin pages.
I've been thinking lately that user profiles are one area in which
there is usually a fair amount of customization in terms of adding
fields and so on. Would it make sense to build a limited version
of the prototyping tool into the registration admin so that
site-wide administrators could set the profile fields without
I, for one, would welcome such an extension!
Related to this, has anyone compiled a list that represents the union of all the modules that have ever existed across all the ACS platforms ((Classic|Open)ACS(3.x|4.x)), including some of the more obscure/stand-alone ones that never made it into the main distributions?

I guess a part of me just wants to make sure there are no obviously useful/important modules that aren't being included in the porting effort, such as Prototype Builder, which, I have to agree, is pretty darn cool.

And, of course, we could use the Spreadsheet module to track this information.  (You remember the spreadsheet module, don't you? 😉