Forum OpenACS Q&A: statistics on openacs

Posted by David Kuczek on
Is there a nice and easy way to get statistical data out of aolserver
or openacs?

I would like to know which pages are most visited. It would be nice if
aolserver could give you a list on the number of total visits (or
between day x and day y) grouped by url.

Any suggestions how to accomplish that???

Posted by Talli Somekh on
We use <a href->Analog (</a>. Analog does what you're mentioning straight up and quite well, in fact. We're on version 4.16, but they just came out with 5.0. I imagine the upgrade is worth it.
Posted by Jerry Asher on
Look for nstelemetry.adp which does some of this, although it is oriented towards "give me a snapshot of how my AOLserver process is working right now".

Nevertheless, you could pretty easily convert the code within nstelemetry into a scheduled proc that spit the data out into a log or a db.

Posted by David Walker on
I'm testing Webalizer ( So far it looks nice and works well.
Posted by Sam Snow on
The only problem that I have with webalizer is that while it tell you how many 404 requests have occured in the month, it cannot tell you what pages people were trying to get when the 404 happened.

I have also had an older version of webalizer hiccup when I tried to set up too many groupings. I don't know how the newer version does, since the ISP I'm hosting with is tardy on their upgrade.