Forum OpenACS Q&A: Jobs at Northface University: ACS, .NET, and J2EE

Hello OpenACS community,

We are hiring instructors and developers at Northface University in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

We're looking for one developer to extend our learning management system. It is (for historical reasons) based on the old Education Module of ACS 3.4 (pre-.LRN), with many, many extensions. Platform: Oracle/AOLserver/Linux/Tcl.

For those of you who love teaching and are up-to-date on the latest aspects of .NET or J2EE/WebSphere, development methodologies, and service oriented architectures, we have a number of teaching positions open. Many of our courses are project-based; you act as a mentor/project manager, working with students on fun, open-ended projects.

Fuller job descriptions are posted here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly.

Hello Eve,
a couple of months ago Galileo migrated from GES to .LRN (2.1) with a good success, I think that'll be the best approach for any old ACES installation (many has followed that path already), and we are open to share our experiences, etc... Galileo realized that was not healthy to maintain all the code by ourselves and better to create cooperation with the .LRN community =)
Posted by Alfred Essa on
Hi Eve,

How about converting your LMS to .LRN? :)