Forum OpenACS Q&A: RPM Install on Mandrake 7.2

Posted by max sekar on
Hi, I installed OpenACS 3.2.5 on Mandrake 7.2.
  • Custom install of Mandrake 7.2 without PostgreSQL or Apache.
  • Install all RPMs of PostgreSQL 7.1 from site by downloading all RPMs and rpm -ivh p*.rpm from that directory.
  • Install libxml2 from using rpm -ivh --nodeps --force libxml2-2.3.7-1.i386.rpm.
  • Download the AOLServer and the database driver from and Install with rpm -ivh aolserver*.rpm.
  • Get OpenACS from and install with rpm -ivh openacs*.rpm.
  • Browse to http://localhost:8000/
      That's about it for installation. A big thanks to Jonathan Marsden for making it this easy and painless!!