Forum OpenACS Q&A: I can not get aolserver3.4 to log to a file

OS freebsd 4.3
aolserver 3.4
nsposgres 3.0
snftp 3.0
nsopenssl 1.0
command line:
bin/nsd8x -t sample-config.tcl -g aolserver -u aolserver

the error:
[-main-]Error: log: failed to re-open log
file '/opt/aolserver/log/server.log'

The file exists and is 777 and is owned by aolserver:aolserver, the
whole aolserver tree is also owned by aolserver:aolserver.

when I dump the server log to the console, -ft instead of -t, the
server starts and I can hit the default home page fine, multiple
times, and the access.log for the server works fine.

This means that I am probably doing some thing stupid, but I have no
idea what.

Thank you for your time

Marc Spitzer

p.s. sorry for the off topic post but I was having no good luck at, I could not get into the mailing list archives after I
joined listserv and validated my self.


Posted by David Walker on
what happens when you
su aolserver
echo somestuff >> /opt/aolserver/log/server.log
Posted by Marc Spitzer on
it did not work, /opt/aolserver/log was 664 made it 775 and all is well.  I knew it was something stupid.

Thanks for the help