Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS wish-list (searching...)

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Some notes from a few hours of evaluating htDig....

htDig development cycles seem pretty long too. 3.2.0b2 in April 2000, and 3.2.0b3 in February 2001.  I can't figure out which one of these three projects doesn't need CPR.

htDig is cgi and C++ based.  It builds under Red Hat 6.1 w/o needing the upgraded libraries that Swish++ needs.

It does excerpts automatically, so from that aspect may be a better choice for folks that want excerpts than either SWISH projects.  You can feed it from external processes, but at first glance that may make for a very very slow indexing.  I may experiment with that.

It does stemming as do the SWISH engines, but has no explicit wildcarded searches.