Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: New look and feel is in CVS

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Still needed: instructions for going back to the old look and feel if you don't like the new one.  Since we don't yet support theming at the .LRN level this is going to have to be a manual process.  I'm going to jot down some notes here to help with that.

Here are the files affected by the look and feel update:


In theory this should have only required modding .css files and maybe .adp files.  In theory.

The navigation-procs.tcl had to be modded to return a "ul" for the tabs instead of a table.

dotlrn-master.tcl was modded to return different style settings depending on whether the user is in their personal portal, a class portal or a community portal.

Reverting back to the old look, ideally, should only require reverting sloan-theme.adp to cvs version 1.5 and modding dotlrn-master.css and the style settings in dotlrn-master.tcl, but I haven't attempted it so can't be positive.