Forum OpenACS Q&A: Portals/admin SQL Statement Error in 3.2.5 ?

Hi there,

some restrictions to a sql string that were added in 3.2.5 cause
problems for me (and i think must have caused for everyone else as
the sql statement is broken?). in /portals/admin/index.tcl the
following select is used to get a list of admins:

set admin_list [database_to_tcl_list $db "
select first_names||' '||last_name as name
from  users
where  ad_group_member_p ( user_id, $group_id ) = 't'"]
#        and u.user_id = map.user_id
#        and map.group_id = $group_id
#        and map.role in ('administrator', 'all')"]

the last 3 lines (that i commented out) cause an error as the
shortcuts "u" and "map" are not defined. "u" refers probably to
users, but what does "map" belong to ?
can someone help please ?



Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
map probably refers to user_group_map. See user-groups.sql.