Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: LRN Application Status Discussion - File Storage

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Matthias, Thanks for the feedback. I want to try and see if I understand each of your comments.

"- why filestore is using so called "titles" in addition
    to file names;"

Isn't this a standard in many applications? For example, I use for photographs. At the time of upload, it asks me for a title for the file, which I can choose to be the same or not as the filename. One of the useful UI improvements with 2.1 (perhaps it appeared earlier) is that I can see the both the title as well as the actual name of the file (in grey immediately underneath).

Some users consider this feature useful i.e. to be able to present a more "human readable" version of the filename in the title without having to alter the original filename.

<blockquote> Some users consider this feature useful

I do not doubt that. But others find it confusing.