Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Announcing the release assessment-20040924 of the assessment package for OACS.

Nima Mazloumi wrote:
<blockquote> I tried to install assessment from CVS but it seems to me that  some links are broken:

- lib/section-items.adp links to item-form. But there is no such file

That's Timo work, Timo?

<blockquote> - When I click on a created assessment I get this error: No fullquery for

Are you using Oracle?

<blockquote> - when I click on a session link I get this error: divide by zero
    while executing
"expr $assessment_score/$assessment_items"

That's a bug.
Solutions: or we don't show assessments with no items or we don't show the score when the assessment has no items.

<blockquote> Any idea why I cannot work with assessment at all?

We are using QTI import. The integrated editor can't edit items yet.