Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to (Not) Virtual Hosting - OpenACS 3.2.5

Posted by David Walker on
Depending on the definition it is or isn't virtual hosting. It does use the header to determine what to serve. It does not offer a completely separate environment to each virtual site. It does use a different database and pageroot for each virtual site.

For me, if I am managing a set of sites, I find it simpler to have the same functions on all of them. The functions you mentioned could easily be customized to pull their values from the virtual server's parameters/<servername>.tcl, the database, some site templates, or just to use a bunch of if statements. In fact, they probably should do that anyway since they are really part of the front end face to the public and not really a backend function like the rest of the functions.

For me it beats updating a bunch of sites with the exact same information and risking overwriting a function that I customized without thinking about it in addition to being great for a bunch of small sites that I would still like to have all the OpenACS features without the overhead of a separate environment for each of them.