Forum OpenACS Development: What's the best way to suggest/make small changes?

Developing an ACS 3.2.5 site is pretty easy to do, but there are
quite a few "little" things that I've done that I would like to
contribute back to the community and/or start a discussion about.

Well I'd prefer the discussion go somewhere, so I am tempted to use
something more lasting than just the bboard.  Yet, the SDM approach
(submit a patch) may not give the issue (small as it might be) the
community attention it deserves, especially if it is more feature
than bug fix.  It's also not clear (to this newbie) if all bugs or
patches are looked at.  (Examing the sourceforge bug list for
aolserver, and it's not clear that any of the bugs reported in the
past six months have been looked at or had the fixes incorporated).

So uh, what is the best way to suggest/make many small little changes.

You are in the right way, put your patchs in the SDM and to alert people you can put a new mesage or add a message for a thread that discuss a problem related with your patch.
One of the never-ending small tasks for the website is to provide a "new stuff" section that will include recent SDM submissions, among other things.  If they were flagged in this way such things would get more attention.  For now, submitting to the SDM and posting a note to the bboard (perhaps a summary note if you've batched several suggestions/patches) is probably best.