Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver killed by OpenACS upload

Posted by Jon Laughton on
I am new to OpenACS and am just putting together my first site using
AOLserver 3.3 + PostgreSQL 7.0.3 + OpenACS 3.2.5 on IRIX 6.2, and am
experiencing a small problem. The majority of the site works
wonderfully, but any attempt to use one of the pages with upload
facilities kills AOLserver stone dead (as soon as the server is
contacted after submitting.) The last entry in the server log is of
the form

nsthread(8154) error: sproc 8163 killed by signal 11


nsthread(11284) error: sproc 11311 killed by signal 10

(The AOLserver and PostgreSQL versions I am using were dictated by
what was available as a binary download from SGI's freeware site, but
I have also duplicated the problem by compiling and using the latest
AOLserver 3.4)

I have not seen this problem documented here or on the AOLserver site,
so wondered if anyone had any knowledge of it or suggestions for a

Thanks for reading

Posted by Gilbert Wong on
I've gotten a nsthread error on HPUX.  The exact error was a ns_realloc error where, for some unknown reason, the server can't allocate enough memory.  Were there any other error messages before this error?
Posted by Jon Laughton on
No... no other errors immediately before this... it comes out of the blue.
I get occasional warnings about an "irix bug leaving the binder open" and a "process taking too long", but these don't seem to be connected.
Posted by David Walker on
My coworker had this problem.  In his case it was because some code he was using contained the command "exit" but that particular piece of code was not a part of openacs.
Posted by Jon Laughton on
Just a postscript to this discussion: I found that the upload facility in the homepages module works just fine on both binary and text files. It was written by a different person to the portrait upload .tcl file, so I could (rashly) suggest that maybe only one of them knows what they're doing. I'm no Tcl expert, but I'm comparing the upload.tcl files to see what differences they throw up.