Forum OpenACS Q&A: UW IMAP + Qmail + postgres?

Posted by good bye on
has anyone successfully set up uw imap on top of qmail,
authenticating users against a table in postgres (or any
other database) ?
Posted by Sam Snow on
I was thinking about Qmail-Vmailmgr-CourierIMAP-SquirrelMail... but have not set it up yet. You can see a how-to on doing all of it at:

I know this is missing the DB part of your pie, but maybe someone else will have some insight on that part. There are some resources off of I did see these, which is at least linking qmail and postgresql:

  • Mail2DB -- Store incoming mail in a PostgreSQL database. Mail2DB is suitable for putting in a .qmail/.forward file and will archive e-mail to a SQL database. Currently, there is only the storage component. This was written because somone on a LUG list expressed interest in such a system, but he only knew PHP (which isn't an ideal language for calling from a .qmail file ;-). Hopefully a user interface will be forthcoming.
  • Jesse Sweetland has added Postgres support to his checkpassword and qmail-getpw replacements. He calls the package sql-xpw. These differ from Takeshi's code because his is a patch to qmail and this code is not.
Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
My mail system is qmail(Maildir) + qmailpopd + UW IMAP + Postgres. Go
to and search for pam-pgsql. It's really simple, you
need a table (I suggest restricting access to root only) with a
loginname, password and expiry date.
Posted by Domingo Alvarez duarte on
Why not Courier Mail Server I'm trying use this one, because it seens to be more integrated. Someone else know anything about it ?