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Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Malte,

Thanks for the reference. Here's the website of Grapple:

aDeNu group (UNED) also works on adaptive learning ( We currently have 2 projects regarding this topic:


4: Re: Adaptive Learning (response to 3)
Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
and I forgot to say that in both projects we use .LRN. It was implied :-)
Posted by Olga C. Santos on
Very interesting projects!

From our side, both ADAPTAPlan and EU4ALL are based on the previous aLFanet project, where the full life cycle for adaptive learning was defined. Its architecture was presented in the Madrid OpenACS 2005 Conference:
The website is: aLFanet (IST-2001-33288):

In aLFanet, OpenACS/dotLRN was used just for the interaction module. We were not responsibles of the whole arquitecture, and workpackage leader of the project preferred to rebuild everything in Java and integrate with our module based on OpenACS :'( (instead of taking advantage of using OpenACS!).

From that moment on (and because the experience in aLFanet can be used to clearly demonstrate external collaborators the misteke of not using OpenACS as the core for the developments) we have been extensively using OpenACS framework as the basis of all our developments. In particular, those projects mentioned by Emmanuelle: EU4ALL (IST-2006-034778) and ADAPTAPlan (TIN 2005-08945-C06-00).