Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Continuing TCL Development / Beginning Java.

Posted by David Walker on
As far as hosting I think you'll start seeing a lot more companies willing to host once OpenACS 4 is available with the subsites feature.<br>
As far as hiring developers.  Personally I would hire vbscript developers and teach them the magic of grep (They'll be amazed at all the stuff they can do).  Or any of the other scripting languages would do also.  Obviously if a developer with TCL experience applied that would give them an edge but I wouldn't automatically hire them if another developer were more experienced or multilingual.  (learning a third scripting language is much easier than a second)<br>
I believe I could teach TCL semantics to a scripting language developer, give them a list of TCL and AOLServer API commands and the ACS/OpenACS source code and that afternoon have them working on something useful.<br>