Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Can we have a new web/db forum?

Posted by Walter McGinnis on


Malte also may be referring to this thread on web/db:

In it Dave Menninger says:

  • David Tropiano ( will be monitoring the bulletin boards and making sure that messages are answered in a timely fashion.
  • David will route messages as appropriate to either product management or development. Joe Lichtenberg's group of product managers will handle questions about product direction and Jeff Teeters in development will deal with the technical questions.
  • I will personally spend more time interacting with the community. I began by meeting with Peter Vessenes of Ybos a couple weeks ago and I will do my best to keep informed of and involved in the discussions on the bboards.

This doesn't say that aD employees are required to read the bboards, but it does say that questions will be answered in a timely manner by aD.

Personally, I think your message could be read as hostile towards Malte. We can all point fingers about hostility, but it doesn't really get us anywhere.