Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Can we have a new web/db forum?

Posted by David Lutterkort on
I apologize to Malte if I misread his statement - I interpreted it as
saying that aD employees were restricted to posting on aD forums.
After rereading his post that seems a rather stupid interpretation.
Entschuldigung, Malte.

Eric expressed rather well how many people at aD feel about the way
the community views us. There have been numerous posts that implied in
a not-so-subtle way that aD has turned to the dark side, and
everything coming out of aD is a clumsy attempt at putting a positive
spin on very bad things. If that were so, I would have quit my job
here long ago. I started working here because many of aD's values
meshed well with mine, and despite all the changes during the last
year, I still enjoy working here. In many ways, aD is a better place
to work at now than it has been at any point in time since I joined.

I don't expect that people get the warm fuzzies with us, but I would
love to see more constructive criticism and less of the
oh-my-god-look-what-they-done-now stuff.