Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Can we have a new web/db forum?

Posted by Yon Derek on
I agree with Michael, creating a new forum will not, by itself, magically attract people who aren't already attracted. It would certainly be better to simply advertise the forums explicitly stating that they're for both technical and non-technical discussion and advertise OpenACS by itself in places where people might not have heard about it.

Those who already are here, I don't think that anyone really looks at board name and thinks, "Hmm, it's called OpenACS Q&A so I better not ask my non-technical question". First the name doesn't imply that it's technical forum (it implies that's limited to OpenACS, but we had both off-topic and non-technical questions so it's not like it's stopping anyone).

I also think that the only valid reason to create new forum is when present forums overflow with posts and it's not happening yet.