Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Can we have a new web/db forum?

Posted by David Kuczek on
I believe that one of the major problems with "hostility", if you like to call it that, towards aD bears out of the fact that they have not yet released their new Java-Open-Source product, on which a new community can blossom. People that use ACS tcl and would like to use it in the future on the other side, feel as if they are no longer of core interest to aD, which is true.

There were couple discussions on whether some parts of ACS 5.0 would be closed source etc. which neither improved the relationship of the "community" and aD.

As far as I heard from some objective people at the Munich office and from my brother who has seen some parts of ACS Java 5.0, this product will be *really* interesting.

I believe that the sympathy will come back to aD as soon as they please the community with that new product and the community sees what the developers have been working on for quite some time. (And change their logo back to "aD", which is way better than the Big Brother Is Watching You Eye that looks like the symbol of a pseudo religious organization :-)

This having been said I also voted for the web/db bboard being moved to OpenACS, because it will not be of aD's core interest as soon as ACS Java 5.0 will be released. So why don't move it to a place where the tcl dream lives on...