Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS wish-list

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
FWIW, I tried installing swish++ for a non-ACS client.

It didn't compile with gcc 2.96.  The author claimed that was due
to bugs in gcc, and he was quite rude about the whole thing.

I switched to the released version of htDig and had no problem
compiling it with the same "broken" compiler.  I also found that
the site had a friendly, we're here to help tone, in marked
contrast to the swish++ site which has more of a "don't bother
me riffraff" tone.

This has nothing to do with either one's appropriateness for
OpenACS, which I have not attempted to evaluate, but I would
choose htDig any time it would serve the purpose just because I
found the attitude of the swish++ author to be so offputting.  Life's
too short to deal with people with bad attitudes!

Now, another search suggestion - I see no mention of wwwDB
(  It supports both Postgres and Oracle
and that's all I know about it;  I saw it mentioned in a list of open
source tools for Oracle.  Might be worth someone's while to
check out, though.